Richmond Shakespeare serves up a storm…

Quite a few people packed the Carriage House Lawn at Maymont Park last night (May Day, actually) for a FREE performance of Wm. Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Let me be the first to apologize if you missed it.  I’m sorry.  Very.  Because you missed quite the show.  This is the third year that Richmond Shakespeare and Maymont have been generous enough to bestow this free gift on all of us.  I watched last night as this great company, garbed in delicious, late 1800’s wardrobe (just a little steampunk) thundered and spirited around the stage. 

I like to arrive early to events, well, actually I always like to arrive early.  But at an event, a lot of cool stuff happens before most of the audience even gets there.  As a photographer, I like to snap pics when the scene is less hectic.  I can catch the details then, the things that get lost in the shuffle later on.  It was a spare but lovely set, the sun came out for a while, and the cast worked out the kinks in street clothes with a few accessories.  Fun stuff!  Every part seemed perfectly cast, and it was fun picking out the lines from this play that have made it into our everyday language.  If you missed it, don’t make that same mistake next year.  And, to make up for it, you should at least catch Richmond Shakespeare at Agecroft this summer.  The Comedy of Errors and Othello are on tap, and having seen Henry V there a few summers past, I can tell you that Shakespeare at Agecroft is a beautiful thing.  It is just very RIGHT.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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